Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wild Fermentation

Still using disposable cameras, so I apologize for the poor quality, but I still think the color is really pretty! Finally got around to making some home-fermented sauerkraut. This picture is before fermentation, but as of now it has been fermenting for about a week now. It's nice and bubbly and getting more sour everyday.
I recently obtained a copy of Sandor Katz's "Wild Fermentation" which contains all kinds of recipes from sauerkraut to beer to bread.


  1. Yay that is exciting! I made some yogurt and we have been learning how to make sour dough with wild yeast but I haven't fermented anything else yet. I strained my yogurt to get cream cheese and have a jar of whey waiting for me to ferment something with :)

  2. I was really surprised by how much the kids like it! I would love to do yogurt. I have some lacto-fermentation recipes in the book and on my pinterest still waiting to be tried.